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Six industries, six problems, one solution    



Energy savings in the European automotive industry

Several years ago a prominent European carmaker conducted a study of energy saving and noise reducing compressed air guns. They compared the Silvent 500 safety gun with a conventional gun. The company did extensive testing at more than 1300 work stations. The results showed conclusively that an investment in Silvent air guns reduced compressed air consumption by up to 57%. Return on Investment (ROI) was less than one year.

Improved working Environment at an American paper mill

The world’s leading paper manufacturer is today a steady user of Silvent’s unique and patented air bazooka. The extreme blowing forces required in this industry have previously involved considerable risk for operators because no efficient and safe product has been available. The unique design of the bazooka, which features a dead-man’s-grip and infinitely adjustable blowing force, has eliminated the risk of injury and provided significant improvements in the operators’ working environment.

Better quality in the Chinese steel industry

One of the world’s largest steel producers has its headquarters in China. In close cooperation with Silvent’s application engineers they have succeeded in improving the quality of their steel in several of their most demanding production lines. Silvent’s highly efficient and safe air nozzles have become a standard feature in their facilities. Collaboration with Silvent has meant that this steelmaker has solved production and quality problems and that the company can now supply the market with premium products.

Unique expertise helped a well-known packaging company

The best known supplier of packaging in the world is famous for their innovative thinking and ambition to always make use of the latest technology. Many years ago the company’s engineers discovered Silvent’s solutions. Today our application engineers are often involved from the initial stages of the design work on their new machines. This cooperation has not only improved the quality of the company’s machines, but has reduced the operating costs for these machines as well.

Noise abatement in the Swedish manufacturing industry

An internationally renowned high-tech engineering and manufacturing group with many advanced products to their credit had, like many similar companies, problems with harmful noise levels at their work stations. Their primary aim was to reduce the noise at its source. Today they use Silvent’s compressed air nozzles and safety guns. Switching to Silvent’s products has provided a noise reduction of more than 50% at many of the work stations.


Numerous benefits for the leading beverage company 

The company that produces the world’s most well known and classic soft drink has extremely automated production facilities. Their engineers must take many factors into consideration when selecting machines and spare parts. They use Silvent flat nozzles and air knives in their plants throughout the world to dry bottles and cans. This lowers the sound level, reduces energy consumption and increases the efficiency of the drying process.



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